1. Create users

  • Set username, recommended actual name, some use register plate ID or both
  • Set first and last name with phone number
  • Infrakit supports one e-mail address to be used only with one user account
  • Create new users with unique e-mail addresses
  • Select Generate password or preset it
  • Select Organization, language, time zone
  • Select Role
  • Select Project from the checkbox
  • Don’t select “old masses” and “create vehicle automatically”
  • Press save


Tip! You can use alias e-mails in many mailboxes (john.do+e@mail.com)

Tip! For Office people role “Foreman” allows seeing Vehicles page

Note: Do not create a vehicle or add any extra roles


2. Create Machines

  • Set name (same to “user name” recommended)
  • Set machine name:
  • Set machine type: Truck or Dumper
  • Set machine control: Infrakit
  • Set machine ID: press Generate
  • Set Organization
  • Set Project
  • Press Save 


Note: Project dropdown menu – please don’t touch 

3. Connect users and machines

  • Go to “users”
  • Find user
  • Vehicle – Attach existing vehicle: Select the created vehicle
  • Press Save

4. Define materials

  • For example, gravel or rock

5. Define areas

  • Define default material
  • Define unit
  • Select area type and draw area on map

6. Define Tasks

  • •ypically a machine loading trucks or dumpers
  • Enables identification of similar tasks later from freight report

7. Install and login to app



Advanced location in device is very important!

Device settings:


New knowledge base articles come frequently

8. Store one haul

  • Click load and unload areas
    • (If need to select between two)
  • Select material volume and task
  • Press load
  • If GNSS not precise (grey)
    • User input is requested
  • Drive
  • Press unload

9. Fetch freight reports in OFFICE

  • Filtering settings
  • Download in .xlsx format (Excel)


Note! Summary calculations need to be redone in Excel if something relevant is changed there •

Note! It may take time for downloading the Excel, at least for first time