• Type in your login credentials and select sign in

Select project

Loading and unloading


  • To set up load select Load or open load menu from the bottom of the screen
  • Select used material
  • Select volume of the material
    • You can use tons or cubics 
  • Select task if needed
    • Task is optional feature that can be used to give more info about the task in hand
  • Select loading area
    • You can use automatic detection where app detects automatically used geofence
    • Or you can manually select geofence

Note: Materials, tasks and geofences are configured in Infrakit Office by person responsible of the mass haul

Press load to start the trip

Drive to unload area and select unload
After unloading app opens haul summary
Check it and edit if needed

Select  ✅ to save the trip

To change material or volume for the next trim open input load menu from the bottom of the main screen


You can open menu from the  -button

From this menu you can view:

  • Map
  • History
  • Projects
  • Settings

From history -menu you can view your previous trips and edit them if needed 
From arrow keys on the bottom of the screen you can change the day
From + -sign you can add a trip manually

To edit previous trips:

  • Select the trip that you want to edit from the list
  • Edit trip from the pen icon like you did when trip was first completed
  • ✅ -sign saves the edit

Changing project

To change project your vehicle must be added to correct project
This must done by your site supervisor

If your vehicle has been added you can change project from menu -> projects


From settings you can:

  • Select if haul summary is showed after every trip
    • we recommend to keep this on
  • Turn on worksite map
    • worksite map is configured by your supervisor in Infrakit Office
  • Send us feedback
  • Check for updates