Folder permissions are used to restrict and allow users to see folders and files in Infrakit.

To set folder permissions project must have user groups.

To create user groups:

  • Go to project settings
  • Select Groups
  • Select  + Create group to create new user groups
  • Give a name to group
  • Select users to be added to that group


If you are using project groups all users must be in one or more groups!

Setting folder permissions:

  • Go to Files -page and select small padlock-icon indicating folder permissions 
  • Select folder where you want to set permissions
    • Subfolders will inherit permissions for parent folder
  • Add group
  • Select if group will get Read or Write permissions or both
    • You can set multiple groups per foldes
  • Select Save


Bare in mind that if you restrict folder from group, you must allow it for other groups!