Trimble Earthworks integration is used for sending models to earthworks machines and fetching logpoints from them. Integration is based on standard Trimble TCC account.


Creating new connection

New connection can be created under Edit project page inside Admin panel by clicking “new connection” under “Trimble Earthworks tab”. After clicking “New connection” Infrakit will asks you for:

  1. Username - TCC account username

  2. Password - TCC account password

  3. Organization - TCC account organization

  4. Trimble project name - Project list can be found under TCC account at path /TCC/{your-organization}/ProjectLibrary/Projects

  5. Points folder - Infrakit folder where you want logpoints to be stored

After filling all fields click Login button. After successfully login you will be redirected to connection page where you can see entered credentials and choose which Infrakit folders should be send to TCC



Inserting Trimble Earthworks machines

Earthworks machines should be inserted manually in Infrakit from Vehicles page under admin panel (Admin>Vehicles>New vehicle).


Required fields for integration to work properly are:

  • Machine control - choose “Trimble earthworks”

  • Machine id - machine id from Trimble account

  • Organization - choose your organization

  • Project - assign vehicle to project in which connection has created

After inserting machine, logpoints created by that machine will be automatically connected to machine

Note: Fetching logpoints from TCC to Infrakit can have up to 5 minutes delay, uploading models from Infrakit to TCC should be instant