Matching map and model files names

The prerequisite condition will be to ensure that background maps (svl) and triangle mesh (svd) files have the same names. And for as-builts to connect to design, project has to have xml-file with matching name. f.ex. design1.svd, design1.svl, design1.xml

Note: make sure that you have also cal-file with matching file name

svl-, svd- and cal-files are sent to TCC.

Linking Infrakit and TCC

  1. Go to "Edit project"-menu
  2. Select: Trimble Connected Communtity - New connection
  3. Fill in you login credentials
  4. Press Login
  5. Connect to your Construction Site
  6. After connection is made press "Back"

Adding Trimble vehicles to Infrakit

Once your TCC is connected to Infrakit, you will be able to see in the Vehicle tab (in Admin mode) the vehicles and edit them.

  1. Search for the vehicle in the list using the search field
  2. Click on the edit icon next to the vehicle
  3. Edit the vehicle field is necessary, ensure the machine control is set on Trimble
  4. Search in the list of projects for your desired project, click the square in front of the project name
  5. Finally select the project in the “active project” field
  6. Click “save”