Visual information management

Infrakit BASIC allows you to visually manage data which includes models, documents and photos. Read more about these features here:

Map Page - Models

Map Page - Documents

Map Page - Images

2D Map and Orthophotos

Map Page on Infrakit BASIC shows of all the data available for a specific project on 2D map and also offers different background maps. Read more about these features here:

Map Page - Overview

Map Page - Maps

Fleet & Worker position

Machines and workers can be traced by using apps on iOS and Android platforms. Machine tracking is managed by using TRUCK™ apps and people by using FIELD™ Apps (coming soon).

TRUCK™ app on Google Play store »

TRUCK™ app on Apple App Store »

FIELD™ app on Google Play store »

FIELD™ Lite app on Apple App Store »

PDF Templates

Access PDFs and fill them up onsite for your safety reports, risk assessment, or anything you need to digitalise. The PDF template is tagged on project settings and after that it can be directly opened by using FIELD™ app for Android or FIELD™ Lite app for iOS. 

How to create PDF reports on FIELD™ app

3D Viewer

The Visualization Page allows you to visualize your project in 3D. Read more about this here:

Visualization Page

Issue tracking

Issue tracking on field is managed by powerful photo management tool integrated to FIELD™ apps. Photos are automatically geolocated to map which ensures that photos can be easily found.

Images Page

On the 3D collaboration model and 2D map saved views can be used for issue tracking. Annotations and comments are supported together with measurements, selected models and point of views. 

Cross and long sections

Infrakit has integrated tools for sections. Free cross section, cross section on station and long section on selected stations provide standard operations for proofing models meet the plans. Tools can also be used for planning of the work and also QA/QC tasks when log points (as-built) are aggregated with models on same view.