Note: you will only see the equipment assigned by the Admin to the project. In order to add new equipment to a project, the Admin need to create a vehicle, and assign it to the project.

When accessing the “Equipment” page, you see quickly:

  • The list of all equipment registered to the project
  • The number of online devices
  • The overall efficiency of the vehicles on the project
  • The total amount of working hours registered by the vehicles.

But also, for each vehicle:

  • Additional information about the vehicle (type, station location, last contact, efficiency, connection time and driver/additional information)
  • Button to “edit” the vehicle (only available for Admins)
    Possibility to download locally on your computer the as-built points in format CSV, GT or XML for any given time range.

There are also additional tabs such as:

  • Efficiency: graph visualization of the efficiency of each vehicle compared to all.
  • Usage statistic: view for each vehicle, per week, their daily activity with information like exact time, starting/ending station and model used.
  • Assignments: to define which models are accessible for each vehicle
  • Accuracy: detailed information about the as-built point loaded by this vehicle and its accuracy compared to the reference models.