In Infrakit

  • If not present yet, create integration account for machine owner organization who is integrating with Unicontrol or L5 U3D-X gear
  • Give this integration account a "Survey Chief" rights
  • Invite account to Infrakit projects where Machine owner's machines need access


In Unicontrol Cloud

1. Create connection between Unicontrol Cloud and Infrakit

  • Navigate to Users -page and Settings:

  • If settings button is not visible, it means this organization does not have Cloud integrations activated. Contact to your Unicontrol Cloud support for this.
  • Add new integration with Infrakit integration account:

  • You can verify that account has access to Infrakit projects by clicking the down arrow symbol







2. Connect projects

  • Navigate to Customers, Projects, Link project





  • Infrakit Project Linking, Select Integration account
    • select Create new project, in this case Project name follows Infrakit OR
    • optionally select existing Unicontrol Cloud project
    • Project in Unicontrol Cloud can have different name to Infrakit if required

  • An Infrakit icon is shown next to the project name, to illustrate that the project is integrated with Infrakit.

  • Now it's important to go to Infrakit, find connected machine and assign files to machine
  • When back at Unicontrol Cloud, eager people push refresh button on Projects list for immediate refresh of view
  • Sync starts, design models flow to Unicontrol Cloud Files page from Infrakit
  • Connected Equipment sync as-built (log points) and position to Infrakit

Miscellaneous notes

  • Unicontrol Cloud has flat file structure. Files can overwrite earlier file.
  • As-built data and equipment positions are synced only upstream to Infrakit
  • File exchange (design models) are only synced downstream to Unicontrol Cloud 
  • Sync activates when user enters the Unicontrol Cloud