Setting up the integration


Acquiring Trimble API credentials


Contact Trimble support for your credential. More information and credentials request form can be found on this web page:

Follow the process for "For in-house integrations intended for internal use"

When requesting for API keys and filling the form, use the following information:

Application name, for example: "MyConstructionCompanyLtd+random number", this needs to be globally unique.

Redirect URL (OAuth 2.0): ""


Prepare Infrakit project

Login to Infrakit at:

When needed, create project and folder structure to sync data from Trimble Connect.


Connecting the projects and linking the folders for sync

1. Browse to Infrakit project admin page and click Manage Connection(s) under Trimble Connect. 

2. Use Infrakit credentials for access.

3. Select Infrakit project where you want to connect the sync:

3. Select existing sync connection of the project or create new one:

4. Login to Trimble Connect with API credentials you received:

5. Sign in to Trimble with your personal account:

6. Select the Trimble Connect project for sync:

7. Select folders on both sides and press "Map" button in the middle. Press confirm :

8. Press "Sync" button and "Confirm"

9. Sync is typically completed within few minutes. Press "Check status" to see if sync is finished. If it is completed, sync dialog closes and folder mapping screen is shown. Sync time is updated to the up right corner of the app. Check sync state in the Infrakit side.