Basic settings

In Basic settings you can:

  • Select coordinate system
  • Insert datum transformation grid file 
    • If your coordinate system uses grid correction
    • Supported file format is sgf
    • Upload file to folder structure and select it here
  • Add local offset
  • Correct the coordinate system with 7-parameter transformation
  • Select project height system
    • Affects for Infrakit Field app
    • If your local height system is not available in the list, you can import ggf-file into project file space and select it to be used here
  • Change the default settings of the cross section
    • Width determines the default width of the cross section view
    • Y-scale exaggerates height
    • Logpoint search displacement determines how far from the cross section taken are as-builts visible in that cross section
  • Select project alignment
    • Prompts as default in apps
    • Calculates station for project equipment
  • Select work site map for Truck app
    • Adds default drawing to shown in Truck app for drivers and in Trucks page for users
  • Select project terrain map
    • Show terrain in cross-section
  • Select project bedrock surface model
    • Shows in cross section
  • Select project border map
    • Visible in cross sections
  • Add codes mapping file
    • Code file containing project codes and descriptions
    • Supported format is nfcl


User groups are used for for example in Folder permissions and sending notifications to certain group

  • To create a group select +Create group
  • Name group
  • Select group to assign users to it
  • Save


Map tile layers

Map tiles in Infrakit

Equipment accuracy calibration

Here you can set up accuracy tracking for project equipment

  • Project delta tolerance sets the allowed tolerance for vehicle accuracy tracking points
  • Point code sets the point code that is used for accuracy tracking
  • Known points file is the file that contains the check points
  • Search radius limits the search distance between control point and vehicle accuracy point

Report templates

Here you can select pdf report templates that Infrakit Field app uses

  • Name template
  • Locate the template file from project folder structure
  • Update

Name templates

Name templates are used for photos taken with Infrakit FIELD app

Created template can be selected from the FIELD app

  • Create new template from +Create
  • Name template
  • Add properties from the selector by clicking it
    • You can change the order of the items by dragging them
  • Template and preview is shown

As-built presets

As-built presets are used for importing and exporting of the as-built points

With a preset you can define most commonly used as-built formats and there is no need in every import and export to select the order of the columns

To create a preset:

  • Click +Create
  • Name your preset
  • Select columns and the order of the columns
    • You can edit the order by dragging the items
  • Preview of the preset is shown at the bottom of the window


Assigning properties to files