In order to uses the “Masses” page, you need to ensure that you have valid models already saved in the project in order to calculate the volumes.

Creating a new task

In order to create a new task:

  • Click the “New Task” button
  • Enter the name of the task
  • Choose if any calculation, and the base for calculation (model or alignment)
  • Create schedule automatically or define starting/ending date or starting/duration for planning.

Once the task is created, it is visible on the “Masses” page and you are able to define its characteristics.

Managing a created task

A task can be calculated in many ways:

  • According to an alignment (by choosing the centerline)
  • According to an alignment for a specific model (choose then the reference layer)
  • According to an alignment for a specific model (choose then the calculation layer)
  • By comparing two layers (then define the calculation layer and the reference layer)
  • Whatever the calculation method, it can also be defined for a specific section (choose starting/ending station) and split into finer information (by defining the station interval)

Once a task has been defined and calculated, it is to:

  • modify it (save/delete/define public or private status/lock for editing)
  • track completion of the task: as a section is being completed, tick the square in “completed cut” or “fill” with its date and the system will automatically calculate the level of completion of the task.