Your location is shown on the map as a figure. When you have selected the Active line (alignment) under Models tab, the station and side measure (distance) from the alignment is shown in the main view under GPS. When the station is known, it can also be included in the file name of the photo.


To take a photo press the photo icon on the top left side of the screen.


You can take a photo or select a previously taken photo from the photo gallery of your mobile device. You can also rename the image, give it a description, and choose the folder in which it will be saved in the project.


In this example a previously taken photo is selected from the gallery. Once you have selected the photo, click Add.

Before uploading the photo rename the photo and give it a description if you like and choose the folder in which it will be saved.

Renaming the image gives you three options:

  • Keep the original file name
  • Use the name of the alignment file and station where the photo was taken (pihlajatie.xml_185.jpg)
  • Combination of the previous two


After uploading the photo click Done on the bottom of the screen.

The uploaded photo can now be found under Photo tab in the folder you had selected earlier.

The uploaded photo is visible and geolocated on Infrakit Office’s Map page.