In Sitelink

  • General: Sitelink3D allows 4 active projects so planning how to utilize them together with Infrakit is needed.
  • Model files: Any Topcon MC/MG reads native Topcon formats (TP3, RD3, TN3, PT3, LN3). Since software version 12.3.XX of X-53 and X-63, also landXML files with TIN surfaces (without breaklines), alignments are directly supported. Also Stringlinelayers and CrosSections can be built to roads in the system. Infrakit recommends LandXML workflow for machines whenever possible.
  • As-built: Enterprise version of Sitelink3D is needed for bringing as-built points to Infrakit. However, point code attribute is not supported in Sitelink3D

In Infrakit

Note! Infrakit is not utilizing Topcon native format.

  • As admin, click settings button and then click Admin


  • Go to Project, and edit project by clicking Edit (Pen symbol)

  • Scroll down to integrations and click “new connection” under Topcon Sitelink3D.
  • Place in your Sitelink3D credentials and press login.
  • After successful connection, the machines will appear to the admin page and can be added to different projects.