For Landnova machine control software, continue reading from below. For standard Xsite PRO 3D, read this article instead

For old software (below v. 14.0) - Novatron Infrakit Client installation

It is recommended to install Infrakit Client over the internet, because that way the latest available version is always installed.

1. Open PC-Background by pressing both display brightness control buttons at the same time.

2. Choose “Web Links”.

3. Choose “Download Infrakit Installer” and wait patiently until download is finished. Download time is dependent on connection speed, so it may take a few minutes.

4. After download is finished, a pop-up window will open. Press “Run” in that window.

5. If you want to see as-built data from other machines in the project, choose “Enable workgroup as-built points download”. Press “Next”.
6. Press Install and wait a moment until installation is finished.
7. Press Finish. Leave “Start Infrakit Client after installation” checked, so that Infrakit Client will start after closing the installer.
8. Infrakit Client will start and console window will appear. You can check that MachineID has been correctly fetched as the device DBSN from this console.
9. Minimize Infrakit Client console window by pressing the button in the upper right corner of the console window.

For new software (14.0 and above), LandNova settings

1. Go to main menu and activate "Settings" menu to top bar

2. Open “Installation settings” from “Settings” menu.

3. Go to “Cloud” tab and enable "Infrakit" and select "Use system DBSN"


Creating a machine in Infrakit and connecting it to project

1. Admin can create a new machine from Vehicles tab by pressing “New vehicle” button.
2. Fill in machine information.
3. Fill in the DBSN-number of the machine to the MachineID field.
4. Choose “Novatron” as Machine control.
5. Choose projects to be connected with the machine.
6. Save the machine.
7. Go back to edit the machine information.
8. Choose which project is active.
9. Save the machine again.

10. Go back to the main Infrakit screen from Admin side.
11. Go to the “Vehicles” tab.

12. Choose the machine and give machine rights to the files in the project from “Manage Rights” tab. Remember to press Save.

13. All files, that the machine has rights for, should be downloaded to the machine within 5 minutes and the light next to the machine name should go green.

Using Novatron Infrakit Client

Infrakit Client updates the latest files from Infrakit to the machine and sends as-built data saved on the machine to Infrakit automatically every 5 minutes.

When project files are added, updated or removed there will be a notification on Xsite PRO display that suggests reloading the project. Project updates can be checked also afterwards by choosing “Project changelog” in the Project menu.

Infrakit Client will delete all files and folders in the main project folder that are not added through Infrakit. Don't save or add any files in the main project folder manually, only through Infrakit!

Coordinate and Height systems

Infrakit Client forces any coordinate and height systems found within the project files to be used. Coordinate and height system files must be located in the main project folder.

Filename extension for coordinate system files is .prm and for height system files it is .geoid.

You can also choose which coordinate and height system you want to use in Xsite PRO software.


Infrakit Client forces codelist within the project to be used, if one is found in the project main folder. Codelist filename extension is .nfcl. 

Folder Structure

It's essential to maintain a sensible folder structure on bigger projects. Xsite PRO supports subfolders in the main project folder. Unnecessary folders can be deleted, and new folders can be added when needed.