Infrakit and ConX settings

You should have an existing Infrakit project, which can be empty or already contain design files and other machinery.

Fresh ConX project created with the work machines to be connected attached to it.

Connect Infrakit project to ConX project in Infrakit Admin (Edit project).

NOTE: if the Connect button on the Edit Project page does not work, then the integration has not yet been enabled for your organization. Please contact Infrakit support and we will help you out.

iCON 3D and VisualMachine machines should appear in Infrakit project as vehicles.

After connecting the projects, you will manage design files in Infrakit. Supported design file formats are DXF and LandXML.

You can then set model rights to these machines in Infrakit for them to sync to the machine. After sync is done the files should appear in your ConX project with assignments to the machines selected in Infrakit. Files should then appear in the TO_MACHINE folders of the machines in ConX. Then they have to be synced to the machine(s) from there. The driver will typically have to initiate file sync on the work machine.

Setting required on iCON 3D machine

To sync machine saved points to Infrakit, following setting have to be in place.

a) Point logging must be done by via “Manual Autologging” (.CSV files, Logging settings Page 2)

Main screen (Dig)

Tools > Store points options, page 2/2 Auto logging options

Settings for CSV logging:

  • Measure by: manual
  • Point file: [structural layer name].csv
  • Point prefix: point code
  • Measure points: REF

Press Hand symbol on Dig screen to save points (picture below, lower toolbar center of screen).

b) CSV files must be included into Remote File Sync: Main screen > Settings > Other > Services > Remote sync button > Upload suffixes: Add .CSV to selection.

After these settings are in place, measured points are sent to ConX when machine is synced. Infrakit fetches the points every 5 minutes from ConX and they are matched to folders and files according to surface name and point code (csv prefix). Infrakit looks for the matching surface name inside LandXML and DXF files and if a matching surface is found, the point is attached to that surface and dZ value is calculated.


Note: adding machines to ConX-project will always create a new ID for the machine and same machine with old connection will be shown as offline machine in previous project. To prevent this always edit the machines in your ConX project. Editing machine will keep the same machine ID for the machine