To synchronize Dropbox with Infrakit, you need to have administrator role rights to Infrakit to access the project's admin page. In addition, your organization needs to have Dropbox integration feature enabled. (If you don't see the Dropbox integration section available in your project's admin page, please contact your Infrakit contact person to get the feature enabled for your organization.) 

TIP: If you have lots of folders and documents on your main Dropbox account you can create new one and share only folder you are going to synchronize from main account.

Step 1 – Get access token from Dropbox

Login to your Dropbox account, go to and click “Create app”. After that Dropbox will redirect you to new page where you can fill information about app. Inside “1. Choose an API” select “Scoped access”. After selecting Dropbox API, you need to select "Full Dropbox" option (App folder is not implemented yet)

Here is a screenshot:

When app is created you will be redirected to app settings page.

Go to Permissions page an make sure that box is ticked. Select "Submit"

On settings page, inside OAuth2 section you have “Generate access token button”.

Click it and save the token value (we will use it in the next step).

Step 2 – Connect your account

For connection, you should have an existing Infrakit project and Dropbox access token from step 1. Go to Infrakit Admin (Edit project page) and click “New connection” inside Dropbox connection tab. If you do not see Dropbox connection tab you should contact Infrakit sales to allow integration inside your company. Inside New connection form you have two fields:

  1. Client identification – Use Dropbox account email
  2. Access token – token from step 1

Fill fields and click Login. If login is successful you can map Dropbox folders to Infrakit.

That’s it. Keep in mind that delay before you can see new files in Infrakit can be up to 5 minutes, so please be patient when you upload new files to Dropbox!

NOTE: When you upload files to Dropbox it can take up to 5 minutes until files show in Infrakit.

NOTE: Special characters in Dropbox folder prevent the successful file transfer. 

NOTE: Integration syncs only files from the folder that you have selected from Dropbox. Subfolders are not synched. To sync subfolders you need to create new folder mapping