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Check for updates

Every time you start the app there is an automatic check if there is a newer version of the app available on the Google Play store. In the case there is we will force user to update the app, because a new version gives a better user experience, new features and improvements to the old version. In the case of user not wanting to update she will be able to check for update manually in the app settings later.


You must have an Infrakit account to use the TRUCK™ app. There are two types of accounts when you are using the TRUCK™ app. The one where user has a vehicle attached to his account and the other where user doesn’t have a vehicle (you can create vehicles in Infrakit OFFICE™).

Select a project

After the user has logged in a project must be selected to continue using the app. After choosing the project user can use the main functionalities of the app. Everything in the app is project related and this is why a project must be selected. User can easily change the project in the app settings.

Main functionality – Truck Tracking

Currently there are two modes in the app - Manual and Automatic. These modes are related to the organization which the user belongs to. You can select which mode you want in Infrakit OFFICE™. Selected organization mode is valid for all users of that organization.

Manual mode – this means that truck driver has full control over ride. Driver chooses material, volume, volume unit and task for the ride, and also starts and finishes ride on button press.

Automatic mode (Advanced Trucks) – driver has no control over trip, everything was set up earlier by fleet manager, the only thing the driver needs to do is drive.

Mode setup

This can be done only if user has Super Admin role in Infrakit system. Once logged in, the user selects the “Admin” option in the upper right corner.

In admin panel go to “Organizations” and click on edit icon on the right side. And click on the edit icon on the right side of the organization for which you want to set the mode.

Here, select Advanced Trucks (BETA) if you want to use Automatic mode and click Save. If you want to use Manual mode just leave it unselected.

Manual mode guide

Manual mode is set by default in the app and everything related to trips is set by driver (app user).  Firstly driver needs to set material and volume for trip. And after that can run a trip on the map screen.

Automatic mode guide

Create load and unload areas for project inside “Trucks” page. When this mode is turned on everything truck driver needs to do is login to TRUCK™ app. Trips are saved automatically after vehicle first enters load and after that unload area. Material used for trip is material attached to the unload area. Trip volume and volume unit are taken from vehicle.

This is how it looks in the app - driver has no options, everything is done in the background:


History tab is screen where you can view all your trips for the date you select. On this screen user can also edit and delete existing trips or add new trip manually.


In settings screen the user can see information about user and application, change current project or send feedback to Infrakit. If the user wants to switch to another account it's possible to logout from the app. Here the user can also see what is the current application version and he can check if there is an update on Google Play.


Note on GPS accuracy

Typically Infrakit TRUCK™ is run on consumer grade Android devices and GPS location accuracy can vary, especially if there are physical objects blocking line of sight to GPS satellites. In good conditions with open view to the sky, accuracy is around 5 to 10 meters. If trees or other circumstances, such as driving in to a tunnel, are blocking line of sight to the sky, GPS location can be lost.