• The user device positioning accuracy is now indicated with color codes on the top left corner: green means good accuracy, orange poorer accuracy and grey that position information is not available.
  • If position accuracy is not good enough for loading and unloading the device will ask to user to wait for getting better positioning information or to manually enter position on the map.
  • All the different vehicle types now have their own icon on the map so it’s easy to differ them from each other. The supported types are now: Excavator, Loader, Backhoe, Piling, Dumper, Grader, Simulator, Truck, Rover, Driller, Basestation, Roller, Asphalt Paver (new!), Tunnel Rig (new!), Barge (new!)
  • Your own vehicle is shown as orange on the map, active vehicles yellow and logged out vehices grey.
  • Tapping on the GNSS color indicator looks for positioning information.
  • Improved runtime reliability for Android devices, especially for Samsung Active Tab2.
  • Enabled proper map zooming.

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