Infrakit can be used during the whole construction process:

  • Design engineers can store, visualize, manage and share digital design information (open data format BIM models)
  • Contractors are able to report and manage information through different apps (web, android) and connect their machines and devices on site
  • Project owners and project consultants can follow work site progress and quality online.

With the help of Infrakit, the project owner can follow the pre-design, the design processes and the execution on work-site in real time. Model-based design process allows effective use of the latest construction technologies such as machine control systems. The quality of designs can be monitored, and the construction site becomes transparent when using Infrakit in the worksite. Quality and progress of the site can be followed on-line.

Model-based quality control is a build-in feature of Infrakit. Quality control measurements are shown on the map display and automatically compared with related surface models. Tolerance violations are marked with red color.

Infrakit and the design process

  • Visualize your CAD and BIM designs without costly software or training.
  • Create an open file format coordination model that can be directly used for estimation and construction.
  • Share your design files with customers, colleagues, construction companies on site.
  • Make changes and corrections with site feedback and share updated model immediately.
  • Transform your BIM model into work-site proven 3D work-file.

When BIM is being used, design engineers create surface models covering all build areas. Infrakit helps the design engineer to see how the terrain models are seen at the work-site by surveyor and contractors. Files uploaded to Infrakit are tested for typical errors (e.g. broken triangulation). When the models are displayed on map or satellite picture view in their correct position, design engineer and project owner can verify the accuracy of the coordinate system used. Map view ensures that the model files cover all necessary areas and then the critical points, e.g. intersections, can be given a detailed look using cross section tools and 3D coordination model view. Good designs result in efficient building process and minimize re-work!

Infrakit - always connected and available

At the office or on site: 24/7 access

  • Infrakit OFFICETM to manage all information on your PC screen
  • Infrakit FIELDTM to carry the project information on site
  • Infrakit LINKTM to connect directly with surveying equipment and machine control systems

Infrakit OFFICETM is the detailed interface, allowing all functions from design and models, to review of the site information (as-built data, uploaded pictures, documents), and management of all equipment and machines connected. Infrakit OFFICETM does not require any physical installation of a software, it simply opens on the web-browser of your PC or laptop.

Infrakit FIELDTM is available on Android for smartphones and tablets. When design engineers visit the site, they can take Infrakit FIELDTM with them. It will show the designs with user position and chainage, using the device's build-in GPS position. It allows opening of any background map or terrain model, drawing cross sections and showing measured points, even taking pictures and notes tied to their location with automatic uploading into Infrakit server if changes or other unexpected situations occur during a project.

If machine control systems are used, Infrakit LINKTM connects directly surveying equipment and even a multi-brand machine fleet. It can update the 3D work-files and download usage history data as well as alignments and follow the calibration data of each connected system. With machine control professionally used, project owners can accept reduced quality control surveying, replaced with points measured by the machine guidance systems (as-built data). Infrakit also shows machine utilization, which is directly correlated with worksite efficiency.

Infrakit makes your project transparent: when the design data is uploaded to Infrakit in open file formats, all as-built data can be added and measurements can be automatically compared with design data. Site progress and quality can be followed online.

Transparent worksite means that the site progress, its quality, quantities and timetables can be followed in real time.

Infrakit connecting devices and machines at work-site

Using Infrakit at the work-site allows:

  • Sharing design data to all site personnel without costly and complicated software tools.
  • Storing pictures, notes, reports and audits of the project.
  • Managing and visualizing quality control measurements and reducing reporting cost and delay.
  • Showing background maps and designs on mobile and tablet devices together with user chainage position.
  • Maintaining the machine control system work-files and calibration.
  • Reporting machine utilization, work history and efficiency.
  • Reporting possible design faults and re-work needs online, and sharing updated designs in minimum time and cost
  • Creating as-built model of the site automatically as the work progress

Optimization of those tasks is enhanced when the contractor uses the latest information technology and machine control systems. That is when Infrakit via Infrakit LINKTM offers its maximum added value. Since Infrakit handles all data in open file formats, design data is available for all measurement systems and measured points can be loaded into Infrakit easily. Fast data handling reduces the delay in quality and progress reporting, replaces a lot of manual handling and report preparation, and gives real-time view to the site. Infrakit LINKTM allows connection with most popular surveying equipment and machine control systems brands like:

  • Leica
  • MOBA (Novatron)
  • Topcon
  • Trimble
  • Many others

Because Infrakit is hardware independent, it can be fully integrated regardless of machine control system suppliers used in the project, and therefore even enables multi-brand fleet management, giving contractors the flexibility to source brands and mix them while still guarantying continuous data collection.

Infrakit has been used in major road and rail work-sites since 2011 and helps contractors to manage their data more efficiently with lower cost and more practical manner. Infrakit team can bring the latest advantages of digitalization processes into your company and your work-site.