New features

  • Files can now be set not presentable on the Map -page and in the cross section
  • Right mouse button features in Files -page and Map -page file tree
  • Support for grid transformation files
  • Multiple point clouds can be set visible simultaneously 
  • Support for as-built points from Sitelink v2
  • Alignment can now be selected by clicking in Visualization -page
  • Web app (mobile page) supports photo direction from the photos metadata
  • New notifications are now show highlighted in notifications panel
  • In admin page you can now hide deactivated users

Improvements and fixes

  • In Visualization -page you can now see the elevation of the location clicked on a model, just like in 2D
  • Fixed issue with station numbers when railroad alignment is used
  • Log point search distance is now variable for also other objects than log points
  • Fixed issue where report template could not be opened from template settings
  • Improved time stamp reading from the csv -files
  • Files can now be downloaded with exact same name 
  • General improvements in robustness and usability
  • Backend improvements and fixes


By the way! We also released new Infrakit manuals!
You can find them here: