This release is mainly focused on the backend features and fixes

New features

  • New Visualization to replace the old one
  • Updated PDF viewer
  • Custom properties for photo and pdf preview
  • Shape file properties are now shown in Map page
  • Support for Luxembourg luref coordinate system
  • Implementing coordinate systems Gauß-Krüger, ETRS89 and UTM for Germany.
  • New 3D - Shading -Save color and save transparency are now under same button
  • Saved view - option to add a bit more description for the view
  • Hide empty folders for saved views
  • Unique point numbers for points that are downloaded in LandXML
  • Truck app parking area

Improvements and fixes

  • Minor improvements in RDF parser
  • Show on map for dxf maps now works
  • Fixed issues in assignments 
  • Issues with pipe network colors in 3D are now fixed
  • Fixed 2D saved views time stamp
  • Improved email notification of the new files
  • Selected as-builts are now highlighted
  • Major and minor fixes in backend