New features

  • User will now get notification if something goes wrong when updating account. For example missing data or if email address is already in use
  • Automatically set default height shift for models close to map tiles so that Visualization is now more user friendly
  • Users can now send email to other users in project for example when files are updated to new version or moved within project
  • Fit visible -button in  Maps-page now also includes the measurement drawings
  • New Visualization-page: You can now pan up/down by holding ctrl-button and left click
  • User will now get a notification if they are using unsupported browser or version
  • Hide empty folders for Files-page


  • Improvements and fixes in Makin3D integration
  • Fixes in file parsing
  • Yet more improvements in Trimble Earthworks integration
  • Bug fixes in ConX integration
  • Improvements in how saved views are visualized – no more black preview windows
  • Improvements in schedule page – dates now work
  • Fixes in how models with features are loaded in new visualization -page
  • A lot of general bug fixes and improvements