New features

  • Map Page – You can now disable auto snap for points, lines and angles by holding down control or alt key
  • Models are now clustered on the new 3D view so you can visually browse them in a convenient way - you should really try this out!
  • Now when you are browsing PDFs in the file tree you can see which ones are placed on a location and which are not
  • The email that is sent to newly added users is now considerably more inviting than before


  • Map Page – Filename is now also shown in the popup window when you click on a model 
  • As-built Page – Loading huge amount of as-builts used to cause crashes but now we can handle it all
  • Visualization Page – Manhole outer diameter (thickness) is now shown
  • Visualization Page (New) – Loading of a model was failing when clustering was disabled but now loads up properly
  • Log points from Earthworks were not connecting to their design model file but we reintroduced them
  • Trying to create a log point PDF report only gave you an error message - now it gives you the PDF report
  • Creating a new project sometimes failed but it's fixed now
  • Fixed a situation where the station number and B-value were not showing for user location on our mobile version and that was not ok
  • Sometimes a single IFC file was able to give a hard time to our file parser and hogging all the attention but we’ve fixed it
  • Added the regular menu when you right-click on a PipeNetwork line so you candisplay attached logpoints
  • User invitation email to projects was very confusing and should make more sense now 
  • We all love user notifications, right? They were a bit slow so now they also load up faster!
  • File loading is now snappier