New Features

  • Visualization Page (New) – Added support for WMS map layers (you know you wanted this)


  • Map page – No longer loading all big models and/or as-builts when you go to the map page to prevent browser crashes
  • Map page – Map view was able to end up with invalid coordinates which broke WMS map layers but now it's fixed
  • Visualization Page – Implemented an improved LOD (level of detail) functionality to improve performance
  • Visualization Page – After making a cut on alignment and leaving the page the cut was completely forgotten which is not acceptable
  • Visualization Page – Bottoms of manholes were not drawn in the correct depth but now they are as deep as they should be
  • Editing existing map tile layers was not allowed which made no sense so now it's editable
  • For a while users who would login to Infrakit FIELD™ Lite iOS app before logging into Infrakit OFFICE™ would get a blank white screen with an error message - luckily this no longer happens
  • ConX integration – Logpoints sometimes ended up lost in the root folder on their way to Infrakit but now we gently guide them to the correct place
  • Novatron integration – Once again logpoints got lost on their way if you used umlauts in the project folder name but now we can handle some Ä and Ö