New Features

  • Maps Page – Support for user configurable open data WMS background maps
  • Vehicles Page – Machine efficiency is now also calculated for Leica and Topcon machines
  • Visualization Page – Inner tube for pipe now has a thickness property on top of the outer tube for visualizing dimensions of the pipe
  • Added support for opening a view from the Map Page in the New Visualization Page
  • Electric networks are now drawn with a thicker line for better visibility
  • New Discovery service for regional API integrations to enhance global operations


  • Trucks Page – Fixed triplists that were showing up totally empty even though there were recorded trips 
  • Visualization Page (New) – Fixed a situation where the alignment line was sometimes drawn incorrectly 
  • Better support for shared URLs pointing to correct models in correct projects
  • Loading a saved view with active sectioning caused glitches but now it’s fixed
  • Fixed the Vehicle accuracy tab that was not working correctly on a smart phone browser
  • On a rare occasion a hole appeared in a cross section of a LandXML surface and this will not happen again
  • Minor improvements on ConX integration