New Features

  • Maps Page – Added new snap-to-point and snap-to-line functionality to Line Measurement and Area Measurement tools to enable precise measurements of angles and distances
  • Added a possibility to zoom and pan cross section on mobile devices


  • Maps Page – Optimizations with showing points layer files (.gt) that have huge amount of points
  • As-built Page – Added a search box for selecting the right model to attach to when uploading logpoints
  • As-built Page – The horizontal scrollbar now stays visible all the time - sorry for that :)
  • Trucks Page – Editing a trip material no longer fails due to missing material list
  • Trucks Page – Improved trucks map positioning
  • Links to PDF files sent in emails now automatically zoom to the location of the file on the map
  • Adjustments in access rights for several user roles
  • More refined functionalities with Saved views
  • Enhanced project settings user interface

You can read more about some of the new features in our blog »