New Features

  • Cross section speed optimizations
  • SokoPro integration
  • Globally unique organization UUID added to API
  • Map Page – Measure height to underlying model(s) by mouse right clicking on the map
  • Visualization Page – Added a tooltip with filenames that are included in the saved view
  • Trucks Page – Trips panel now has the filtering possibility
  • When starting with a new project the background map is set by default to 'Streets' and the view is zoomed into the project
  • Added a new user role with viewing rights and the ability to take photos


  • As-built Page – Logpoints table column ordering is saved/restored on page reload
  • Default calendar date for new users is set to be 'All'
  • Fixed an issue on saving PDF locations on Map Page
  • Trucks Page – Fixed a problem sometimes in exporting cvs or excel
  • Trucks Page – Renamed trip download buttons to make it more clear what is downloaded
  • Map Page – Editing documents or images now allows entering empty values for lat/lon to clear the location
  • Better support for WMS proxy background maps

You can read more about some of the new features in our blog »