Collaboration in 3D visualization of Infrakit

The 3D collaboration model of Infrakit allows the client, the designer and the builders to visualize design files and review them in design and site meetings. The cutting and measuring functions provide tools for verifying interoperability of multi-discipline design. With 3D collaboration model available in browser, the client can monitor progress of the work and lead the design and construction projects while keeping the entity well under control.

Our 3D view has been completely redesigned, and the new version provides better performance, free zooming for different levels of detail, and viewing Pointscene point clouds and orthophotos in the same view together with design data. Everything purely in the browser without separate software installations.

Other new features include measuring the area and fitting the design to the screen. Progress does not stop here; other small improvements are coming, e.g. camera management improvements are now underway.

Drone flight plan 

Drones are used frequently on modern construction sites for providing enhanced situational awareness. Infrakit can now be used to create flight plans for dronessimply draw an area and export in KML format as on the following video:

User configurable map tiles

As a new feature Infrakit allows the project admins to connect customized map tiles for projects. 

Pointscene integration

Infrakit Pointscene integration with orthophoto map tiles was initially introduced in spring 2019. Now the integration supports also point clouds created by laser scanning or stereogrammetry. The source for the pointcloud is entered to the dialog on new visualization page. 

Model properties on visualization

Due to the new release, Infrakit is now able to visualize model properties. At the moment they are visible only on the legacy visualization page, but will be available on the new visualization page later as well. Right click on top of the model for object properties dialog: 


New Features

  • Visualization Page (New) – Improved loading of map tiles on deeper zoom levels
  • Visualization Page (New) – Added a measurement tool
  • Visualization Page (New) – Added a a sectioning tool
  • Visualization Page – Added right-click on an object inside a file and in the opening pop-up menu you can show/hide that object
  • Visualization Page – Enabled changing of model properties
  • Visualization Page – Added a notification when saved view has finished loading or if a model no longer exists and cannot be loaded
  • Maps Page – Added possibility to export a drawn area as .kml drone coordinate file
  • Maps Page – Added user configurable background maps
  • Trimble Connected Community – Improved performance and fixed an issue in deleting files from TCC account
  • Sandvik integration – Added support for the new quality plan format
  • Sandvik integration – Added possibility to delete logpoint filter
  • Added Pointscene point clouds integration
  • Added a user interface to manage point clouds


  • Visualization Page – Fixed situations where pipe network pipes are not drawn to the correct height
  • Visualization Page – Added an option to pick color with RGB color code
  • Visualization Page – Improved color picker for IFC models
  • Visualization Page – Fixed date format on saved views comments
  • Improved login page on mobile devices
  • New icons for machines Truck, Tunnelrig and Barge
  • Images panel – Fix for image thumbnails for Internet Explorer
  • Map Page – Added upload date on left click popup on 2D models 
  • Map Page logpoints – Shows distance to model also if dz=0 but distance is not 0
  • Added sorting by time on the cluster of photos on the 2D map
  • Vehicles Page – Top tabs are locked when scrolling so they are always visible
  • Trucks Page – Added same filters that we have on statistics panel to Trips panel
  • Trucks Page – Included the new "gps location based masshaul areas" to the trips table and to user downloadable .csv
  • Files Page – Added an option to select and approve multiple files
  • Saved views panel – Added an option to sort and hide 2D or 3D views
  • Logpoints page – Fixes for filters
  • Improvements in uploading and sending files to ConX
  • Sitelink3D Integration – Fixed a problem where sometimes the sitelink project and infrakit project connection fails