New Features

  • Added new vehicle type: Asphalt Laying Machine
  • As-built PDF report - Now includes filtered points only if filters have been used.  
  • Cross section / long section measuring - Added the length as well as slope of the measured line.
  • Cross section - Added a button "Reset view" to clear measurements and everything else on screen.
  • Free cross section - Automatically pan the cross section view to background alignment height if (and when) the main alignment is missing.
  • As-built page - Added a filter for checked / approved logpoints.
  • Novatron integration - Added projectId to API endpoints to solve issue with identical project names.
  • Increased maximum uploaded file size to 1 GB.
  • Admin edit project - User list now has the user's last login info.


  • Mass calculation - Fixed model line vectors sorting issue.
  • Fixed same logpoints being transferred multiple times from Leica ConX.
  • Map page - Fixed a situation where the text fields in background map models were clipping.
  • Logpoints Page - Fixed an issue filtering or sorting on the column PointName.
  • As-built page - Fixed issue with sorting the table with the username column.
  • Long section - Fixed an issue with as-built points without a model not being displayed in the section.
  • Cross section from only geometries is now centered on sea level.