New Features

  • Added Portugese and Spanish translations
  • KOF import/export - Column after "05" should be pointname
  • Station equation (km+m) added cm accuracy
  • Files page - It's no longer possible to use a folder name which starts or ends with space


  • Maps page - Linemodel (roadmodel) outlines were not properly calculated on tight curves
  • ConX Integration - Connecting and disconnecting a project in short succession left vehicles attached to a disconnected connection
  • Files page - Fix for a situation when uploading multiple new models and uploader got stuck
  • Improvement on TCC integration sync cycles
  • Map page - Saved views - Fixed loading that was very slow when there were lots of images
  • Map page logpoints edit: Changing the approval stage of a logpoint on map dialog, removes the alignment attachment of the logpoint.
  • Maps page - Fixed updating the image location which was not always updated in UI