New Features

  • Admin page - Create an organization role for saved views functions
  • Sandvik integration - Use hole start point as logpoint location
  • Sandvik integration - Skip already added logpoints
  • E-mail notification: make better e-mail sendout text
  • Page state - Add comments
  • Return error if vehicle does not have default volume when adding automatic trip
  • Replace Zendesk help widget with Groove widget
  • Admin Vehicles page: Add Machine addition info and vendor info to vehicle listing
  • Update database server cpu


  • Logpoint source type should be ROVER_GPS instead of a VEHICLE for machines that are defined as ROVER in Infrakit
  • Fix entity collection cache leaks
  • Map page - Hiding a model doesn't hide its triangle mesh
  • Trucks page - Trucks are sometimes missing from the map
  • As-built page - Vehicle lists are empty
  • Images panel: Clicking a thumbnail of an image that has no location information, doesn't open the photo on screen.