New Features

  • Map page - Logpoints panel - Shift+click checkbox in filetree to select all subfolders, also add help text / tooltip that explains it
  • Map page - Models and background maps panels - add file counts to folder trees
  • 360 photos - If photo is too big for browser to display, automatically load smaller one


  • Models panel: Checking a folder with models in it checks all the files in the folder but does not draw any terrain files.
  • Trucks page - Trips table - in footer with statistics, split volume into m2 and tons
  • Map page - Pipe flow direction arrows are sometimes too large
  • Map page - Icons too large on high dpi displays
  • Map page - Logpoint link from logpoints page doesn't work
  • File parser - Some .geo files do not work
  • Error when creating new user with new truck
  • Notifications panel - 'Show on map' for images doesn't work