New Features

  • Files page - Assign read/write rights to folders
  • Long section - Make it possible to do long section for only a piece of the alignment
  • Map page - documents on map - mouse over icon on map, show file name - add pdf template info
  • Map page: Make it possible to edit logpoint name in logpoint edit left panel
  • Trucks page - Distance filter for truck trips
  • Remember entered username on failed login
  • Infrakit Office - 3D visualization - Transparency for surfaces with slider
  • Image uploader - Add option to rename files to current date
  • Map page - Draw fall-arrows for pipe networks


  • Maps page - Images tab - Download visible images downloads all images in project
  • Admin pages (super user) - Map - Switch to OpenLayers, fix vehicle and project locations not showing, optimize performance
  • Trucks page - Statistics - the Filter on LOAD/UNLOAD area does not show all LOAD/UNLAD areas in the dropdown list.
  • Mobile page - Image uploader - Coordinates and direction are not set for uploaded image
  • Bug on SchedulePage: on statistics where there isa graph: the graph does not display
  • Map page - Make name/description filter for images/documents case insensitive
  • Nfcl codes file charset is ISO-8859-1.
  • Admin organization page - active users always shows zero. Also page headers are misaligned.