Infrakit SURVEY app version 2.7.0 has new photo taking feature

It allows users to take photos faster and easier

  • Place photos manually to location
  • Place photos by alingment and station
  • Custom file name template for photos
  • Create your own name template using different variables

How to take photos:

Go to camera menu 



  1. Aim the camera where you want to take a photo from
  2. You can pre-select photo's location in folder structure by selecting folder icon
  3. Press circle icon on the bottom of the screen to take a photo


  1. You can change photo's location in folder structure here if needed
  2. You can edit photo's name here if needed
  3. Save photo


  1. You can manually edit photo's location by long pressing the icon on map and dragging photo on map

  - downwards pointing arrow shows photos accurate location

  1. Or just accept photo as it is and save



9.   You can also select alignment for the photo

10.  Set photo's location by station

11.  Give a description for the photo

Green done –button saves the photo

Note: When uploading photos from Gallery:
If you upload only one photo, it will get the location from the source. 
If you upload multiple photos at once, app will use the original location of the photo


Adding photos from gallery

You can add photos from devices gallery to Infrakit from Add - button in to bottom left corner of the app

Then select photo or photos from the gallery and upload.

Infrakit will use photos original location if it has one


Photo name template

Photo Name Template –feature can be found under menu

With this feature you can create your custom name template

  Notice that this template is only for your device and can´t be shared at the moment



With photo name template-tool you can select variables that are used to create photos name in Infrakit



When you have selected correct variables select OK to save template


Zoom function

Zoom function can be found from app version 2.7.6 and newer

Zoom is located in the left side of the screen when you are taking a photo

X1-button resets the zoom