Nfcl code list is used in Infrakit to interpret codes from log points and surfaces

Same code list is used in Novatron/Moba machine control systems for same purpose.

Native software to create nfcl code list is 3D-Win

Code list can be edited using normal text editor

Code list example

! Landnova / Infrakit codelist
! Codelist template
! Super User, Infrakit Oy, 2.6.2021
! Format
! Code;Type P=Point, L=Line;Long explanation;Short explanation;Can be measured by operator Y/N;Attributes(name=value pairs, separated with commas .)
123;P;Edge of the road;Road edge;Y;
234;P;Light pole;Light pole;Y;
27213;P;Fruit tree;Fruit tree;Y;
SO100M;L;Underground drain 100M;Underground drain 100mm;Y;

When you add new rows/codes save file as filename.nfcl

Using code list in Infrakit

Upload code list to Infrakit root folder

Activating code list

Go to Project settings and scroll to Codes mapping file

Select desired nfcl-file

Now point codes are interpret in Infrakit and in Infrakit FIELD app