When you create a new project on Infrakit, the Files page is empty. You will need to create a folder structure to start uploading documents.To create a folder structure in the Files page, click the “create folder” button.

When the window opens, add the name of the desired folder and click “create folder”

The selected folder appears on the left menu
To create sub-folders, simply click-select the main folder first and follow the creating folder instructions again.

Once a folder is created, it is then possible to upload files to it by clicking the upload button:
·      Clicking the upload button will prompt a new window
·      You can then either drop the files in the window or click the blue banner to select manually in your local drives:

Finalize the operation by clicking upload.
You can also at any time, select a file from this “Files” page by clicking on it on the list in the folder and select “download”.

File types

Infrakit uses open file formats. If you need a new file format to be supported, please contact us (info@infrakit.com) and provide file specification and explanation how it will be used. It is likely that we can create support for all your important file types.

  • Triangle mesh – File is a DXF or LandXML triangle mesh surface. The first surface found in the file will be drawn on the map.
  • IFC for structures (steel, concrete...)
  • Pipe networks (LandXML)
  • Line model – File is a LandXML/Inframodel line model. The file should contain one surface defined by alignments.
  • Map – DXF map file can contain lines, points, texts and other shapes
  • Alignment – File is a Landxml alignment. The first alignment found in the file will be used. To draw perpendicular cross sections, user must have an alignment active. However, it is possible to draw free cross section without selecting an alignment.
  • Document – .pdf, .xls or a Word document .doc file that shows on map
  • Other – File will not be checked or drawn on map. However, it may be transferred into selected machine control system specified by the user.