In Infrakit version 3.7.7 assigning model rights to vehicles has changed.

In new workflow model rights are managed via assignments.


To assign models for vehicles go to Vehicles -page and select Assignments 

Then select vehicle that you would like to give assignment

There already might be ready made assignment that you can select and then change model rights in this assignment

Click the assignment name and select assigned models/folders and click Save

You can edit the assignments name or set assignment for another vehicle by clicking three dots after assignments name


If there is no ready made assignment create your own from "+Create assignment" -button 

Give a name for assignment

Select vehicle/vehicles that this assignment relates to

Select Save

Then select model rights for this assignment

Click Save


Notice: At the moment only one assignment per vehicle is allowed. You still can create multiple assignments, but only last one created is used

Note: You can easily copy model rights to another vehicle/vehicles by assigning this assignment to those vehicles