To create a new project:

  • Click on “New Project” in the “Project Tab” which will open a “New Project” interface.
  • Define a new name for the project.
  • Infrakit shows all designs and as-builts in site coordinate system. Therefore, a coordinate system must be defined to each project. If you have trouble finding your local coordinate system, please contact
  • Finally save the project before being able to invite users or integrate machine guidance services.

After the new project is named and created, further project information is given in Infrakit-pages by design engineer or at the construction site by Chief Surveyor.

If the project is a road or rail construction site and you have a main alignment, it is recommended to define that in the Project-page. This helps communicating user locations at site. Infrakit Tablet and Mobile calculate user position as pole/chainage position and side distance from the selected or main alignment, using the build-in GPS position of the device in use.

Defining a background map is also recommended. In a good background map, there is enough information for everyone in the project to understand or perceive the construction site shape and boundaries, and how and where elements like roads, borderlines etc. are located relative to each other.

Borderlines can also be included for the project as a separate model file and shown as vertical lines in cross section view. Also two general surface models can be included, normally used for base-rock and surface model. These are also shown when cross sections are drawn from user selected positions.