1. Turn on Trimble R2 or Catalyst GNSS receiver
  2. Open Trimble Mobile Manager -app Make sure that Bluetooth is turned ON from device settings
  3. Login using your Trimble ID
    1. If you don´t have Trimble ID you can create one from the startup screen
  4. Go to hamburger-menu and select Position source and select your R2 or Catalyst GNSS receiver
  5. Go to GNSS configuration menu and set your correction method and credentials
    1. Select GNSS output Detection mode to be Same as source
  6. Go to Home menu and Connect to your R2 or Catalyst GNSS device
  7. Make sure that Location sharing is turned ON

  8. Minimize Trimble Mobile Manager
  9. Make sure that you have set mock location app to be Trimble Mobile Manager from Developer options
    1. If Developer options have already been activated you can find it under Device settings. Otherwise to activate Developer options go to Device settings -> Software options -> about device -> and click Built number 7 times
  10. Open Infrakit SURVEY app and set Location source to internal

  11. Now Infrakit SURVEY app will receive location from Trimble Mobile manager app