1. Install a SIM-card into R10 for internet connection to make possible to use correction signal.
2. Unpair all devices currently Bluetooth paired with R10.
3. Connect with your computer to Wifi network of R10. Access the control center by browsing to
4. Configure R10 to send NMEA messages to Bluetooth port 1.
- Go to I/O configuration / Port configuration 
- From dropdown, select: bluetooth 1 and setting: NMEA
- Select: "Maintain configuration when connection is dropped"
- Select appropriate NMEA messages, for example: 
  GGA, GLL, GNS, GST, GSA  (with 1 Hz setting)
- Select: legacy NMEA
- Save -> OK
(Same settings may be done for other bluetooth ports on the device as well.)
5. Set the internet connection working to make it possible to use an NTRIP service.
  - Choose GSM/GPRS modem -> Configuration.   
  - Check : auto restart
  - Check: use as default route
  - Make connection -> Connect
6. Choose the appropriate NTRIP provider settings: 
  - Go to I/O configuration / Port configuration
  - Choose for example IBSS/NTRIP Client 1
  - check: 'Enable' !
  - Set the appropriate settings for NTRIP service -> ntripcaster, user, password, mount point..  
  - Save ->OK
7. It is possible that R10 needs to be restarted and wait for a while for all settings to take an effect.
8. When R10 is powered on, InfrakitApp may be connected by first pairing the devices with bluetooth and then choosing location souce as: 'Bluetooth' from InfrakitApp menu. Since no other devices are paired with R10, InfrakitApp connects to Bluetooth port 1 and location information is transferred to the device.
NOTE: If after making the above settings, another bluetooth device, for example Trimble's own field computer is connected with R10 using Bluetooth,  the above configured bluetooth settings may get automatically changed and R10 may possibly stop sending the NMEA messages to bluetooth port 1, for InfrakitApp to read. For this reason, it is recommended not to connect other bluetooth devices than the android device containing the infrakitApp after the above settings have been done. If other devices are connected in between, the bluetooth settings should be re-checked in order to ensure everything works when reading location information using Infrakit App.