1. Check if GS14 supports NMEA out -Connect to GS14 with PC and Leica software or Leica field computer -Select User → Info/Leica Viva –> GS sensor –> NMEA out:yes

if NMEA out:no. This means that you need to update the receiver to support NMEA out. Contact Leica for this.

2. Set up GS14 to send NMEA messages via Bluetooth with pc or field computer connected select: -Device –> Connections –> Other connections –> GS connection –> NMEA 1 Set:

  • NMEA messages from GS antenna
  • Connect using: GS BT
  • Device: RS232
  • Messages:GGA,GSA,VTG

3. Pair GS14 with Android device -Android device bluetooth settings -Pair using pin (usually 0000 or 1234). Make sure that GS14 is the only paired device with this Android device. Remove other Bluetooth devices from the paired list so that GS14 is the only device

4. Open Infrakit Android app Menu –> Select location source –> Bluetooth. After this you can see from Infrakit apps' surveying tab if there is incoming location from GS14 and what is the pos.type, satellites etc.

Extra info: GS14 may need to be configured to get corrected location from RTK service. Infrakit app just gets the location via bluetooth. It depends on the GS14 settings if the location is corrected via service.

Make sure you set the correct stick height in Infrakit app or in Leica software. For example, if you set stick height with Leica field computer to be 2.0m it needs to be 0 in Infrakit app or vice versa. Best way is to set stick height 0 in Leica software and control the stick height in Infrakit app (if receiver is used frequently with Infrakit app).