1. Install a SIM-card into your CHCNAV smart receiver for internet connection to make possible to use correction signal.
2. Connect to the CHCNAV receiver's WiFi network with your Android controller (or PC). If your controller or mobile has a mobile internet connection, please disable it for the time of the following settings. Access the receiver`s web user interface in any internet browser by browsing
(Note, the following steps are following the Simplified mobile version of the web user interface. The same settings are available also in the Traditional mobile version and also in the PC version, only the menu structure is different.)
3. Set the NMEA output on the CHCNAV smart receiver.
- Open NMEA 0183 output settings and choose the Bluetooth tab.
- If you don't see any NMEA messages already set under the NMEA 0183 roll-down menu, set the necessary message types, for example GGA, GSA, GST, VTG with 1 Hz frequency.

4. Set the internet connection working to make it possible to use an NTRIP service.
- Open Other settings / GPRS / Mobile network settings.
- Make sure you set the right APN parameters (it depends on your mobile provider).
- Check: GPRS Model Status, Auto Start, Auto Connect and Dialing Connect.
- Confirm the settings.
- Check the Dialing Status to be sure the CHCNAV receiver is really online, Dial On.
5. Set the NTRIP RTK connection. 
- Go to RTK work modeand press Change work mode.
- Choose Auto Rover RTK work mode and Rover NTRIP/IPData link.
- Type the appropriate NTRIP provider's Server IP and Port, also your User Name and Password. (Please contact with the local NTRIP provider for an access if you don't have one.)
- Get the Source table then choose the right mountpoint. Note, the CHCNAV smart receivers support full constellation, so it's recommended to use a mountpoint with the most satellite systems (GPS+GLONASS+GALIELO+BEIDOU) in RTCM 3.x format.
- Confirm the settings.

6. Quit the web user interface and disconnect from your CHCNAV receiver's WiFi hotspot. If you disabled the mobile internet on your controller before, now you can enable it again.

7. It is possible that your CHCNAV receiver needs to be restarted and wait for a while for all settings to take an effect.

8. Pair your CHCNAV smart receiver with the Android controller by the Bluetooth manager of your device

9. Open Infrakit Android app and connect to your CHCNAV smart receiver
- Select location source in the up-right corner menu.
- Choose Bluetooth and from the paired Bluetooth device list select your CHCNAV smart receiver.
- After this you can see in Infrakit app Surveying tab if there is incoming location from the CHCNAV receiver and what the Pos.type, Satellites etc is.
- Make sure you set the correct Stick height in Infrakit app. Remember to add the phase center height defined on the bottom to the height of the stick.

Note: If other devices are connected to your CHCNAV receiver in between the usage of the Infrakit SURVEY™ app, the bluetooth settings should be re-checked in order to ensure everything works when reading location information using the Infrakit app.