Software is detected from look and feel of software. If the software looks like one below, read the article here:

For Xsite app (look and feel below), continue reading.

Enable Infrakit account 

Xsite app version 2.7 comes with built-in Infrakit support. The version of the software can be found from "Main menu" and selecting "About" (See actions 1-3 below).

Setting up Infrakit connection requires admin privileges. In admin mode, follow three steps below for successful integration.

First it is needed to enable the Infrakit account in Xsite software

1. Open “Left menu” from bottom left corner of “Main view”.

2. Open "Main menu" 

3. Select "Accounts"

4. Select "Add"

5. Select "Infrakit"

6. "Accept" terms and conditions of Infrakit after reading them

7. For system admins, it is possible to adjust all account settings by selecting "Edit". 

When account is created, user can disable the account by selecting "Edit" and clicking "Enabled" / "Disabled"

Infrakit project requirements

For efficient use, some requirements are needed in Infrakit Project. 

Models are fetched from project folder and containing sub folders, but User Interface does not allow browsing the actual folder tree. However, all assigned models are available for user of Xsite app.

Coordinate (.prm) and height system (.geoid) files are entered to the root folder of project. Same configuration files apply to Xsite app and LandNova.

Infrakit during use

When Infrakit account is enabled, it is possible to add and select Infrakit project from Projects menu.

1. Select "Right menu" from "Main view"

2. Select "Projects"

3. Select project from the list.

If project is not yet available, select "Sync" and Infrakit project should appear. 

4. If content of Project is not downloaded yet, "Sync in progress" message appears

Information of project is available by clicking "info" symbol

5. Select "Next" on bottom right corner. 

Models are listed in this view. Select active model for your work and press "OK" from bottom right corner.

6. Project is visualized and ready for use. 

As-built points of the whole Infrakit project are visualized as green cross symbols.

Update cycle for Infrakit project is 5 minutes, when internet connection is available. 

User notifications from Infrakit during work:

  • Content of project models updated
  • New project available
  • Removed project rights for machine

 Information sent to Infrakit during work:

  • As-built points (note: updates are accepted only for active project in Infrakit)
  • Machine location 
  • Machine activity