How does it work?

  1. Upload LandXML file with known point for the project. This can be updated later.

  2. Define the point code that the machine driver is going to use.

  3. On the Machine page you can see live when the machine driver has measured and approve / subdivide the measurement.

Detailed instructions

  • Under Files: Upload LandXML file with known point in the project. A known point may be cross sprayed on the ground, asphalt or metal bolt.
  • Go to project settings for the current project and define the following under “Vehicle accuracy calibration”:
    o Select “Enable on this project”
    o Define a point code that Infrakit uses to match a measurement with known points file.
    o o  Define a known points file.
    o  Define tolerance limits and search radius:
    - Tolerance limits state what accuracy the project has.
    - The search radius is how many meters you want Infrakit to search for metrics around each known point. We recommend using 5 meters. 
    o  Scroll completely at the bottom and click "Update".

Use of the function

  1. Go to the Machine page and select “Accuracy”. 
  2. Look for black circles with numbers inside. The number says how many new calibration measurements have been made
  3. Click the row of the machine
  4. Check "Suggested points"
  5. Select whether you want to "Approve" the point to save it to the history